Wizard Winnetou Winbar of ZORRO's Dynasty


DOB 05/08/98



Breeder: Eve Shelton

BGHA and training in Obedience, Agility and Therapy Dog




Great-Great Grandparents

Great-Great-Great Grandparents

Figdor of ZORRO's Dynasty
(rd, rough, HD-free)

Aga Khan of ZORRO's Dynasty
(rd, rough)

CACA Asterix v. Lee Fuang

Astor v. Fuang-Jang

Bartel v. Sägergarten

CH Urda v. Deichselberg

Petra v. Julyhof
(rd, rough)

Rabanus v. Kastellhoeve

Barky v. Julyhof

 Bonny v. Steinbruch
(rd, rough)

Andy Vadona CS

Sian-Fu Fa-Ling

Geisha of Magnolia CS

Minni v. Gottswinden

Satan v. Kwy-Chu-Florian

Undine v. Gottswinden

 ÖJCH, CSCH, ÖCH Gräfin Fanny v. Reichenberg
(blk, rough)

Multi CH Wotan vd Beerse Haj
(rd,rough, HD-free)

Sir Maximillian vd Ganzert

Fu-Manchu vh Venne-Dorp

Lady Victoria vd Ganzert

Babette Jasmin vd Beerse Haj

Multi Ch Chin-Wei Goeroe Rinpo Tsje
(blk, rough)

Lady Sarah Ann vd Ganzert

Romanza Tatjana vd Beerse Haj
(blk, rough, HD-free)

Multi Ch Chin-Wei Goeroe Rimpo Tsje
(blk, rough)

Sjoerd v,'t Wapen v. Liempde

Yoni Goeroe Rimpo Tsje

Lady Sarah Ann vd Ganzert

Wamchow Pie-Nya

Lady Laura Charissa vd Ganzert

Nickelodeons Jessie Invisible Touch
(rd, smooth,HD-free)  

Such Tanlap Trimson
(red, smooth,

    Tanlap That'll Do
(rd, rough, HD-free)

Taymith Tornado
(rd, rough)

GBch Tanlap Tristar
(rd, rough)

GBch Hanoi Taunadora

Tanlap Tru Passion
(rd, rough)

GBch Trebble Chanse at Tanlap

Tanlap True Love

Towmena The Stripper at Tanlap
(red, smooth)

Tanlap the Slicker
(rd, smooth)

Tanlap Tidy Target
(rd, smooth)

Towmena Tis Imagination at Tanlap
(rd, rough)

Brosscroft Striptease with Towmena
(rd, smooth)

GBch Fort Knox Here´s the Tiger at Towmena
(rd, rough)

Brosscroft Royal Cashmire

Nickelodeons Fawn Freak of Fashion
(cin, rough,

Baytor Blue Velvet Surprise

Baytor Trevennen Blue Warrior

Baytor Blue Star-Lord
(bl, rough)

Baytor Blue Leaf
(bl, rough)

Baytor Cristal Star
(blk, rough)

Kyong Kat-Man-Doo of Yama at Baytor
(rd, rough)

Baytor Cindy-Starshine
(rd, rough)

Chowhill's I Can't Stop Loving You
(rd, rough, HD-free)

C'Hengstus Isidor
(bl, smooth,HD-free)

Nuch Such Lohov´s Fiasco
(bl, smooth, HD-free)

C´hengtus Peggy
(cin, rough)

C'Hengstus Karisma
(rd,rough, HD-free)

Nuch C´hengtus Is-Boset
(cin, rough)

C´hengtus Bjuti
(rd, rough, HD-free)

Thank You very much to Chris and Carina!!

This pedigree could only be completed the way above through the friendy help of Mrs. Christine Clucas in Britain and Mrs. Carina Remsöbo in Sweden, who's the proud breeder of this smart bitch.

In Europe the breeders also try to breed as healthy puppies with wonderful personalities as possible, and even when there are responsible programs to improve the hyp dysplasia results in the various countries to examine, xray, value and report the dogs results, it still seams to be a long way until all the last updates of these documentations will be as easy available as the OFA lists provide it in the USA.

After I filled some of these scripts with my Austrian Pedigrees I had to learn that I needed more information to publish Jessy's pedigree, which originally showed only 3 generations.It has been an ordeal to fill the script without any hard copy in my hand, but Carina wisely wrote her mail to help me. In case I did some mistake, please, look at herinformations below.

Such Tanlap Trimson, rd smooth HD-free AD-1
1 father:Tanlap That´ll Do, rd rough HD-free
2mother:Towmena the Stripper at Tanlap, red smooth
father to 1TTD: 3Taymith Tornado, rd rough
mother to1 TTD: 4 Tanlap True Passion, rd rough
father to 3 TTT: 5 GBch Tanlap Tristar, rd rough
mother to 3TTT: 6 GBch Hanoi Taunadora (I don`t know the parents to this bitch)
father to 5 TT: 7 GBch Hanoi Willie Wumkins, rd rough
mother to 5 TT: 8 Tanlap Tamermina
father to 4 TTP: 9 GBch Trebble Chanse at Tanlap
mother to 4 TTP: 10 Tanlap True Love (I don´t know the parents to this bitch)
father to 9 TCT: 11 GBch Yueng Bimbo
mother to 9 TCT: 12 Taymith Cassandra
father to 2 TST:13 Tanlap the Slicker, rd smooth
mother to 2 TST: 14 Brosscroft Striptease with Towmena, rd smooth
father to 13 TS: 15 Tanlap Tidy Target,rd smooth
mother to 13 TS: 16 Towmena Tis Imagination at Tanlap, rd rough
father to 14 BST: 17 GBch Fort Knox Here´s the Tiger at Towmena, rd rough
mother to 14 BST: 18 Brosscroft Royal Cashmire (I don´t know the parents to this bitch)
father to 15 TTT: Minhow Master Role
mother to 15 TTT: Tanlap Threadbare
father to 16 TTIT: GBch Tanlap Tristar, rd rough
mother to 16 TTIT: Towmena Therese
father to 17 FKHTT: Such nuch Fort Knox Where´s The Tiger, rd rough
mother to 17 FKHTT: Such Ukwong Anabel of Taibel

Nickelodeons Fawn Freak of Fashion, cin smooth HD-free AD-free
1 Baytor Blue Velvet Surprise, bl smooth HD-free AD-free
2 Chowhill´s I Can´t Stop Loving You, rd rough HD-free
father to 1 BBVS: 3 GBch Baytor Trevennen Blue Warrior, bl rough
mother to 1 BBVS: 4 Baytor Crystal Star, black rough
father to 3 BTBW: 6 Baytor Blue Star-Lord, bl rough
mother to 3 BTBW: 7 Baytor Blue Leaf, bl rough
father to 4 BCS: 5 Kyong Kat-Man-Doo of Yama at Baytor, red rough
mother to 4 BCS: 6 Baytor Cindy-Starshine, red rough
father to 5 KK-M-DYB: 7 Justin of Sheriwale, red rough
mother to 5 KK-M-DYB: Thursfield Jesamine, red rough
father to 6 BBSL: 9 Baytor Blue King, bl rough
mother to 6 BBSL: 10 GBch Baytor Blue Star, bl rough
father to 7 BBL: Minhow Monty-Blue of Baytor, bl rough
mother to 7 BBL: Baytor Blue Moonlight. bl rough
father to 4 BCS: 11 Kyong Kat-Man-Doo of Yama at Baytor, rd rough
mother to 4 BCS: 12 Baytor Cindy Starshine, rd rough
father to 11 KKYAB: 13 Justin of Sherivale, rd rough
mother to 11 KKYAB: 15 Thursfield Jessamine, rd rough
father to 12 BCS: 16 Minhow Monty-Blue of Baytor, bl rough
mother to 12 BCS: 17 Baytor Ruby Sundown, red rough
father to 2 CICSLY: 18 C´hengtus Isidir, bl smooth HD-free
mother to 2 CICSLY: 19 Such C´hengtus Karishma, rd rough HD-free
father to 18 CI: 20 Nuch Such Lohov´s Fiasco, bl smooth HD-free
mother to 18 CI: 21 C´hengtus Peggy, cin rough
father to 20 LF: 22 Kiut Burtsjigin´s Tsjagatai, rd rough
mother to 20 LF: 23 Blåtungas Svarta Diva, bl rough HD-free
father to 21 CP: 24 White Mansion Cromwell, rd rough HD-free
mother to 21 CP: 25 C´hengtus Andeka, cin rough HD-free
father to 19 CK: 26 Nuch C´hengtus Is-Boset, cin rough
mother to 19 CK: 27 C´hengtus Bjuti, rd rough HD-free
father to 26 CIB: 28 White Mansion Cromwell, rd rough HD-free
mother to 26 CIB: 29 Creshan Blue For you, bl rough
father to 19 CB: 30 White Mansion Cromwell, rd rough HD-free
mother to 19 CB: 31 Wenchow Ebony Joyful, bl rough



Reg No U02 Sex - Dog
Date of birth - 16.03.1994
Breeder - Mrs S Jakeman
Red Smooth
Breeder - Mrs S Jakeman
Owner - Miss M Karlsson

Certified correct

Sire:1 Tanlap That'll Do (Shaded Red,Hip 5 - 5,Reg no Q0903004Q01)
Dam:2 Towmena The Stripper at Tanlap (Red Smooth,Reg no S01)

Sire1: 3Taymith Tornado Stud (book no 0130BS)
Dam1: 4Tanlap Tru Passion (Red,Hip 4 - 3,Reg no N04)
Sire3: 5Champion Tanlap Tristar (Hip 2 - 4,Stud book no 2853BN)
Dam3: 6Champion Hanoi Tauna Dora (Stud book no 2497BN)
Sire5: 7Champion Hanoi Willie Wumkins [Ukwong Zenith x Janica of Hanoi]
Dam5: 8Tanlap Tamermina [King Jacque of Malvern x Tanlap Temptress]
Sire6: 9Champion Hanoi Willie Wumkins [Ukwong Zenith x Janica of Hanoi]
Dam6: 10Hanoi Jolly Joy Champion [Hanoi Damon of Kalamunda x Hanoi Jaki]
Sire4: 11Champion Treble Chance at Tanlap (Hip 0.-0.,Stud book no 3746BU)
Dam4: 12Tanlap Trulove (Hip 4 - 4,Reg no L03)
Sire11: 13Champion Yueng Bimbo [Champion Hanoi Willie Wumkins x Bickwick Chena Wu]
Dam11: 14Taymith Cassandra [Champion Tanlap Tristar x Champion Hanoi Tauna Dora]
Sire12: 15Champion Shoulao Sher-Gar [Champion Taibel Texas Tiger of Ukwong x Emma of Mi-Shan of Shoulao]
Dam12: 16Towmena Tis-Imagination at Tanlap [Champion Tanlap Tristar x Towmena Terese]

Sire2: 17Tanlap The Slicker (red smooth,Hip 5 - 5,Stud book no 2902bx)
Dam2: 18Brosscroft Striptease With Towmena (Red Smooth,Hip 5/3,Reg no N04)
Sire17: 19Tanlap Tidy Target (Hip 2 - 7,Reg no L01)
Dam17: 20Towmena Tis-Imagination at Tanlap (Reg no J03)
Sire19: 21Minhow Master Role [Miminic Rockquilla of Minhow x Minhow Miss Mims]
Dam19: 22Tanlap Threadbare [Champion Tanlap Tristar x Ukwong Black Sable of Tanlap]
Sire20: 23Champion Tanlap Tristar [Champion Hanoi Willie Wumkins x Tanlap Tamermina]
Dam20: 24Towmena Terese [Bradley of Towmena x Henllan Marti of Towmena]
Sire18: 25Champion Fort Knox Heres The Tiger at Towmena Imp (Stud book no 0504 BT)
Dam18: 26Brosscroft Royal Cashmere (Reg no K06 JUNE 85)
Sire25: 27Nor.& Sw.Champion Fort Knox Wheres The Tiger [Int & Gb Champion Ukwong Texson of Taibel x Nor.& Sw.Champion Fort Knox Weeping Willow]
Dam25: 28Swed.Champion Ukwong Anabel of Taibel Ch [Champion Taibel Texas Tiger of Ukwong x Jensim Lady Anna]
Sire26: 29Edlen Commander Biggles of Brosscroft[Edlen Special Pride x Parkhill Annabelle of Edlen]
Dam26: 30Miss Annie of Ukwong (Imp) [Champion Ukwong Black Knight x Ukwong Shot Silk]